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Randles Ancestors
Abraham Randles and Elizabeth (Chaney) were pioneers in what is now Roscoe Village, Ohio.  According to Land Records that I have Abraham and his father Jonas  "Rannelds" got the deed to their land on the northeast quarter section No 5, Twp. No. 5, Range No 7 in 1814. "Abraham settled about eight miles from Coshocton, on the road leading to Mount Vernon, in the midst of an unbroken wilderness. On this road their nearest neighbors were eight miles distant. Here John was reared to manhood, enduring all the privations incident to pioneer life. The oldest of seventeen children, he became his father's main support in reducing the barbarous wilds to a civilized state. Savage, howling wolves prowled about the lonely cabin at night, disturbing the sleep of the family. Deer and turkeys were abundant, and bears were occasionally seen." Quoted from History Of Coshocton County (Delaware Indian Capitol of United States).  Abraham's land was in Roscoe on Jackson Twp. Road 55.
The land that Abraham Randles settled on was not available for sale until 1820. This military land could only be had if one had served in the Revolutionary War, or was an heir. Also I've discovered when looking at old plat maps, that names were changed in different years to Randall, Randle, Reynolds, Rannelds, etc.The conditions of receiving Revolutionary land grants were that parcels of land had to be set aside for schools & cemeteries. Abraham Randles was living on military land in the town of Randle that covered thousands of acres. Coshocton Genealogy
Another point I would like to make is that every early Randles family named their first son John! 
The Cemeteries of Blooming Grove (on land near where Abraham Randles Sr. first settled), Prairie Chapel, Pleasant Hill, Antioch and the Roscoe Cemetery are all in a town named Randle.  I have contacted the U.S. Geological Survey and they have verified that the town of Randle, Ohio, is still a viable town. 
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In early times the Randles moved from one state to the next because of the Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783). Later 
on some of the pioneers went west. Before moving to Missouri, Abraham Jr. founded  the two early churches in 
Canal Lewisville, Ohio. These churches were: Methodist Episcopal and Baptist. Abraham's brother John, was the father of the famous Andrew Jackson "Jack" Randles. According to his obituar of January 20, 1883, John Randles died in Roscoe on January 9, 1883. The Coshocton Age also states that John Randles was one of the pioneers of Roscoe. His son Jack, was engaged by the Union Army in the Civil War  to buy all of the horses for the Boys In Blue. The government called upon Jack again in the Spanish - American War and also in World War 1 for the same purpose. A.J. owned some of the finest race horses in the country.The Jack Randles Bridge was named for him.
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My great, great grandfather, Abraham J. Randles Jr., was born July 6, 1820 at Randle "Roscoe". He married 
Eliza Susan (Binning) on July 5th, 1840. She was born Oct.16, 1820 and died December 22, 1885 in Pulaski Co. 
Mo. Her body was brought back by train, accompanied by their son William J. Randles. The obituary states that Abraham Jr. was in poor health and not able to make the trip. Following services at the Baptist Church in Canal Lewisville, Eliza was buried with her babies at Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Coshocton, Oh. The date of death & place of burial for Abraham J. Randles Jr. is not yet known .The couple had the following 15 children + an adopted daughter.
Children of Abraham Jr. & Eliza Susan (Binning) Randles:
1.Elizabeth Randles, was born 4/24/1841. Elizabeth married Pastor Casper Hosfelt "Hasfelt" on May 31, 1866 
in Coshocton, Ohio. She died April 15, 1916 in the Cherokee Nation Reservation of Oklahoma. 
2.Catherine Susan Randles, she was born about 1844. Source is 1860 Census under "Abram Randall". She married Josiah Hedge, on October 7, 1866 in Coshocton County.
3.James Polk Randles, was born 01/08/1846 and died 02/12/1895. James married Rubina (Bailey), 
Both are buried in Black Creek Cemetery in Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri.
4.Abraham Alexander Randles, was born 03/14/1847, died 1926. He married Hannah Wires. Both are buried at Prairie Chapel Cemetery. They were the grandparents of former Coshocton Co. Sheriff William "Bill" Hoop.
5.Mary Matilda "Molly" Randles, born  6/13/1848, died 2/17/1925. Source: Willard David Miller from family Bible. 
She married Michael Joseph Flynn. Both are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.
6.Anna Eliza Randles, was born 09/26/1849 died 11/12/1897. She married George W. Ellis. Both are buried 
in the Canal Lewisville Cemetery.
7.Sarah "Sally" Mariah Randles, twin, born 03/25/1852, died 02/07/1930. Sarah married John Cramblett on December 31st 1868. They are buried together at the site of the old Canal Lewisville Methodist Episcopal Church.
This church was founded by her parents. See obituary in Coshocton Tribune February 8, 1930.
8. Thomas J. Randles, twin, born 03/25/1852, died 11/28/1905. Married Susan Letilla (Rizor). Buried Canal Lewisville.
9. John Randles, born 1854 - died 07/26/1923. He married Elizabeth Huff. Both are buried at South Lawn Cemetery. 
10.Julian Randles, he was born about 1855 in Tuscarawas Twp. Coshocton, Ohio.
11.David Randles, born 06/09/1858, died 04/29/1864. Buried at Prairie Chapel.
12.Julia Rose Randles born October 1859 Source: Fed. Census 1870 "Abr Rannells" Tuscarawas Twp. She married Moses Hedge, son of Helen & James Hedge. Julia, twin to Daniel is on 1900 Federal Census for Laclede Co. Mo. with adopted son, Leslie Hedge. Moses & Julia died in Illinois.
13.Daniel Randles, 10/29/1859, died 11/01/1859. Buried at Prairie Chapel Cemetery with Eliza.
14.William J. Randles,  born 09/1860, died 01/30/1903 . First Postmaster and founder of Roxie, Missouri. Married   
Sarah Elizabeth Smithers. Buried at Poplar Bluff Cemetery, Butler County, Missouri
15.Clementine Randles, 09/02/1863 - 05/06/1864 She is buried at Prairie Chapel Cemetery, with her mother.
16.Maggie F. Randles, she was adopted and was born about 1867. Source: the 1880 Census for Pulaski Co., Mo.

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My 3rd great grandfather Abraham L. Randles, was born 12/25/1792, in Loudoun County, Virginia and died 10/02/1857. In 1813, he married Elizabeth Ann (Chaney) Randles, the daughter of Nathan & Sarah (Mansfield) 
Chaney in Harrison County, Ohio. She was born 03/23/1794 - died 08/19/1847. Both are buried at Salem 
Cemetery on the county line of both Coshocton & Holmes Counties in Clark, Oh.
Known Children Of Abraham Sr. & Elizabeth (Chaney) Randles:
John Randles, was born 05/21/1814, died 01/09/1883. Buried Roscoe Cemetery. He married 1st Mary Ann Gellen
the daughter of Jemina (Rodgers) & Samuel Gellen. John married 2nd: Martha Jane Hornbaker. 
Abraham Randles, was born  07/06/1820. He married Eliza Susan Binning.
Noah Randles, was born 07/06/1820, died 07/04/1897. He married Maria Willis and 2nd: Alberta L. Ludwig.
Rachel Randles, was born 10/27/1821 at Roscoe, Ohio. She married John Wesley Tracy. Rachel died on 
11/03/1900 in Brunswick, Mo.
Elizabeth Randles, was born 09/06/1823, died 11/01/1918.She married David Binning & is buried at Roscoe Cem.
Thomas J.Randles, was born 08/13/1824. He married Malinda Compton. She died in Montgomery Co., Illinois.
Martha "Sarah" Randles was born abt.1828. She married Benjamin Caster on 01/27/1848 in Holmes County, Ohio.
Andrew Jackson Randles, was born 10/30/1831. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Fortune / Fortner. She died in Quincy, Illinois 06/19/1879. A.J. died in Atchinson, Kansas and was buried in Eastside Cemetery.
Nathan "Randle" was born in 1833. He married Martha Compton. She is buried in Christian Co., Illinois.
Hannah Randles was born in 1838. She was married to James Croskey.
Rebecca Randles was born on 06/26/1842.She died on 04/26/1846 and was buried with her parents.
Mary A. Randles was born in 1847. She married William A. Foster.
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Soldier on horseback carrying the United States flag.
John "Reynolds" & Rebecca Randle were possibly married in Westchester County, New York. John could not write & was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War. John & his father William, came to Ohio from Loudoun County, Virginia. I believe that  Abraham Randles was related to him. John & Rebecca (she signed as Rebecca Randle) conveyed land to James Calder on July 22, 1815. Calder then laid out Caldersburg, which later became Roscoe. John sold lot 212 in May of 1822, in Coshocton to James Renfrew Jr. for $300. John by this time had moved to Union Twp., Muskingum County, Ohio. He is buried at Rich Hill Cemetery in Muskingum Co. His brother James Reynolds "Randle" is buried there also. James served from the Pennsylvania Line. Sources: Muskingum County Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers, Coshocton Deed Records and various Census records.
Black bear - once common in the city of Coshocton named "Goschagunk", by the Indians,meaning union of the waters. Three rivers come together in this town. That is why the Indians loved it here.
A map of Randle town, which actually includes present day "Roscoe."Randle covers many thousands of acres, see link below.
Savage Snarling Wolf
Beautiful Clara Ethel (Randles) Hayes, the daughter of Melissa Ann (Stewart) and Charles Remick Randles. Remembered here as she had no children.
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